The Apparel

Touchstone Apparel is based in Los Angeles, California, and was established in 2021 by Aubrey Haynes. He comes from a background that stems from sports, music, artistry and culture. Being a student of his craft, he has remained steadfast to always "Stay True to The Vision". With his vision, he brings to you Touchstone Apparel. A Touchstone is a standard or criterion by which something is judged or recognized. It represents a symbol of our ambition, our deepest desires, and our biggest dreams. Most importantly, it represents the emblem of our higher-self. A mans deed is the TOUCHSTONE of his greatness or weakness
Aubrey Haynes - "Life is all about trial and error. We fail to succeed, and we fall to rise. Staying true to my vision has always allowed me to rise to the occasion. When the chips are down, and all odds are against me, I will always bet on myself.  I'll always remain humble at all times, give God the glory, and always Stay True To The Vision.".

Touchstone Apparel is a registered trademark.